Hello everyone!

By: shantelv Tuesday January 1, 2013 comments

Here is my very first blog. I haven't done much today worth talking about. I've been watching Star Trek, and working on my brand new website! I have really enjoyed putting it together. Thank you to my friends at AllProWebTools for making this so easy and lending me some assistance when I needed it!

On to a health related subject. I pass on this tip as often as I can so it seems like a good one for my first blog. Please everyone don't leave ice on your sprains for more than 15 minuets! The weekend is upon us and there is plenty to do. Taste of Ft Colins, Comicon, biking... all kinds of fun to be had. If you trip over your flip flops, get caught up in your Dr Who costume, or fall off of your bike remember this wonderful advise. Now we've all heard the 15 minuet rule, but why don't we follow it? Perhaps because most people don't know why this is important.

So here is the skinny... When you injure an area your body rushes lots of fluid to the area to help out. That is all well and good, but we don't want it to get stagnant and swelling adds to the pain, so we put ice on it. Ice helps out because it makes the vessels constrict and pushes that extra fluid away from the area. Cold for too long can put the body on alert. Your body works hard to regulate it's temperature. When it decides that an area is cold for too long it trys to rectify that by sending warm fluid to the area. This goes against what you want. So my friends, do yourselves a favor and be gentle with your cold. Just because a little is good doesn't mean you want to settle in for a night of Netflix with an ice pack on your ankle. Have fun!




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